Individualized Anger Management Classes and Executive Coaching Workshops


Corporate Training or Individual Private Session
Weekly Anger Management Life Coaching



Anger can affect many areas of our Life. Some areas could be Physical or Mental HealthSelf Esteem, DepressionLegal, FinancialRelationships, or Employment.You will learn how to:

  • Save your marriage, relationship or job

  • Enhance your relationships

  • Techniques that will work TODAY to improve your relationships

  • Learn ways to communicate in ways that your partners, family, friends, and associates will Love, Admire, and Respect!

  • All payments must be paid in advance!

Anger Management Sessions

Weekly Appointments from 8 am to 5 pm, on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Call NOW to book an appointment at 832-324-9322!

Services Online/Conferencing (Nationwide) or Face-to-Face Sessions Available

I want to interact on the web/phone/Skype:

  • One-on-One Skype or In-Person Confidential Sessions
  • Court-Ordered Sessions and Certificates (If Required)
  • Online Courses for Everyone
  • How to Control My Short Temper
  • How to Control Anger and Stress
  • Anger in the Workplace

Executive Coaching Workshops
Emotional Intelligence Mastery for Leaders Workshop

8:30 AM to 4:30 PM (Lunch Provided)
1 Participant: $449, save (Standard Tuition is $699)
2+ Participants: $349/Seat

We would like for you and your management team to take advantage of our evaluator tuition rate to help you decide whether we’d be a good fit for your leadership training.

We are confident that after testing our behavioral change process, you will strongly consider us for a future engagement.

Let us know if you would like to see the agenda.

We provide:

  • Anger Management tip


    Anger Management Test

  • Anger Management for teens and adults

  • Anger Management Advice

  • Anger Management Classes

  • Anger Management Counseling

  • Anger management help

Curriculum: CARES


Learn the four Styles on Communication including Assertiveness skills. Let us help you Improve skills, Self-Esteem and Relationships.


What is it? What causes it? How to control it?

Relationship Management:

Improve relationships in every area of your life, home, school, and work.

Emotional Intelligence (EI):

Is the ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself, of others, and groups.

Stress Management:

Stress could lead to serious medical conditions.

Court Mandated



Get Started

  • Group Sessions for Organizations and Businesses

  • Anger Management Workbook will be Available

You will receive an attractive “Certificate of Completion” (suitable for framing) to present if needed by your employer, court, etc. No charge for your initial certificate. You Receive Your “Certificate of Completion” when all classes are complete.Call us at (832) 324-9322 for information and registration.

NOW OPTIONAL:  An Anger Management Assessment Evaluation 
Need 10, 12, 26 or more hours of Anger Management classes? Please call for more information. We appreciate your business   Call (832) 324-9322 NOW!!


Appointment “No Show” Session Fee:

Twenty Four Hour Notice is required for non-attendance (No Show) or re-schedule before the appointment time. A no-show session fee is due and collected upon the next attendance. Need 10, 12, 26 or more hours of the Anger Management Class. Please call for more information.NEW! Complete 12 hrs. or more receive a 5% discount when paid in advance.

Do you want to improve your relationships? Need couples anger management counseling?

Then schedule an Individual or Couples Counseling “Private” 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 hour Anger Management Counseling. Fee: $85.00/50min. per the anger management counseling session. Receive attractive “Certificate of Completion” after completing the classes if needed for court, employer, CPS or other and suited for framing. No charge for the initial certificate. Call now: Leonard H. Campbell, Certified Anger Management  Facilitator, Certified Anger Resolution Therapist, Ph. #(832) 324-9322 You will receive your “Certificate of Completion” at the end of class. Get Your Couples Counseling here!