Meet the Power Couple in Marriage Counseling and Coaching

The Way Education and Counseling Center, LLC  uses a very effective and empowering curriculum facilitated by Anger Management Specialist, Leonard Campbell. The program uses a best practice curriculum.

Leonard H. Campbell

Leonard H. and Florence Campbell, 
Marriage and Pre-Marriage Counselors/Coaches
Leonard H. and Florence Campbell, Marriage and Pre-Marriage Counselors/Coaches

For over 40 years has had a great desire to help serve and educate others. He has accomplished this. Even now with his years of wisdom, he still find honor and joy as he serves and encourages others.  Part of Leonard’s philosophy is believing that helping others to be empowered is making a positive contribution to our present and future world.

Leonard’s has dedicated himself to empowering others through emotional healing, life skills education, self-development, and spiritual awareness.   He has a calm, friendly demeanor and is a Professional Life Coach, and Board-Certified Belief Therapist.

As a spiritual counselor, he carefully listens to what clients have to say; and aids them in progressing quickly toward resolution and within the client’s comfort zone.He simply cares about other people’s successes.    

He has a gift for presenting solutions in a non-threatening, non-judgmental way and is easy to talk to. He truly appreciates and understand the quote, Change Your Thought, Change Your Life.

He has experience working with adolescents, adults, couples and family relationship matters, partners, pre-marriage couples, and working with small businesses.   Leonard sincerely believes knowledge is more valuable than money.  Leonard has been married to his wife, Florence, for 59 years as of June 2019.

Florence W. Campbell

Florence has worked in the service and care arena offering helpful assistance to people since her early adulthood. Always seeking a better understanding of herself and others has caused her to pursue many opportunities for continued education in multiple disciplines.  

Her training and certifications include the following:

  • Pastoral Care Specialist
  • Three Units of Clinical Pastoral Education
  • Board-Certified Belief Therapist
  • Anger Management Therapist and Facilitator
  • Professional Life Coach

Florence has worked for years in the Pastoral Care Department of the Houston Medical Center. She offers a calm, peaceful, and encouraging presence, which has allowed her to share her wisdom with many. She and her husband, Leonard, celebrated 59 blessed years of marriage on June 2019.

  • Services Online/Conferencing (Nationwide) or Face-to-Face Sessions Available

  • Clients Can Select Their Preferred Method of Communication

  • We Can Interact on the Web/Phone/Skype

We Use Evidence-Based Curriculum

“Overall PREPARE/ENRICH is an excellent tool with substantial evidence supporting its reliability and validity of its scores and their uses. It can be used effectively to improve couple relationships.”

– Mental Measurements Yearbook, 2017

Couple Types Based on PREPARE/ENRICH

Five Types of Marriage: An Empirical Typology Based on ENRICH - Olson, Fowers

Four Types of Premarital Couples: An Empirical Typology Based on PREPARE - Fowers, Olson

Hispanic and Caucasian Couples have Similar Couple Types - Olson, Garrett

Five Types of African-American Marriages - Allen, Olson


Cohabitation and Relationship Quality in Dating and Engaged Couples - Larson, Olson

There are five areas of study that we will cover.

The five areas of concentration for the Anderson and Anderson curriculum are: "CARES"

  • Communication: Learn the four Styles on Communication including Assertiveness skills. Let us help you Improve skills, Self-Esteem and Relationships.

  • Anger: What is it? What causes it? How to control it?

  • Relationship Management: Improve relationships in every area of your life, home, school and work.

  • Emotional Intelligence (EI): Is the ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself, of others, and groups.

  • Stress Management: Stress could lead to serious medical conditions.

Offers individual Anger Management Counseling sessions during the week from Monday - Friday

Houston, Texas

The Anger Management children and adult workbooks  contain exercises focusing on enhancing emotional intelligence, improving assertive communication, as well as behavior strategies for recognizing, dealing with, and managing anger and stress.

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